Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wu-Tang Clan - Wu-Tang Forever

Release Date: June 3, 1997

★★★★★ Tracks:


Not much to say here. I didn't think much of Wu-Tang Forever when it first came out, and my feelings haven't changed since. The beats don't compliment the flows as much as they did on 36 Chambers, the lyrics aren't as compelling, and many of the 28 tracks blend together, making the album feel even longer than it's already much too long 112 minute running time. Lastly, with Ol' Dirty Bastard's diminishing role as a primary character, the humor that helped in breaking up the grisly stories of the streets has all but vanished on Forever. His absence wouldn't be a problem on most of the member's solo albums, but a record as long as Forever could definitely use some comic relief. I love the Wu, but this record doesn't meet the standards they set for themselves with their output from '93-'96. There would be better releases to come though.

Although overall disappointing, there are still a few tracks worth keeping: "Reunited" has a great beat (although the "strings" breakdown near the end is a little much), "Triumph" features great flows from a couple of my favorite members, and an awesome video, and "Visionz" is my favorite, with a bad-ass verse from Meth:

"Apocalypse Now.
Mind over matter next batter be Tical.
Put it on a platter how much uncut.
raw shit we dealin wit, murder track what.
Slang killin it, touched.
You feelin it, in your bloodstream.
deadly venemous elixir.
Hammer like Sledge that be Sister.
All and together now, follow me, the Mista.
Meth Candyman, farewell to the flesh.
Death come, in the scripture, two-thousand one.
Bring the rap arma-gedde-on, let it be known.
When you walk up in this Dead Zone.
wit all that wack shit, now you know.
you dead wrong, one thousand lashes."

Here's a great review of Wu's newest release, Wu-Massacre. By M.W. Holden.

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