About Us

Chavez and Rich Alan were gchatting while at their day jobs, as they often do to quicken the pace to 5pm, and a common conversation between them began -- their love for music. But on this particular day, as they discussed how their iPods we're dying or already dead and needed to be replaced, they had an idea: "What if we revisit every single artist we've collected in to our music libraries? While we're at it, we could write about it." And so the 153,945th music blog was created.

To give some direction, Chavez will go through his iPod in alpha order, and Rich Alan will do the opposite, going from Z - A. By covering everything they wouldn't just be discussing the latest and greatest. Oh no my friends, they will go as far back as whoever they cover in their iPods allows them to, from an early 60's girl-group like The Angels on one post to the latest and hipsterist Animal Collective on the next. And knowing how many Saves the Day records Rich Alan has, this could get embarrassing pretty quickly.

The hope is that they share some great music with you, but also provide similar artists and influences, generate the occasional discussion, and reminisce on what all this music reminds them of. Most importantly, they will include the occasional video and/or audio clip to allow you to judge for yourself.