Monday, January 25, 2010

Alkaline Trio

I literally, literally cringe when I hear emo music these days. Now that I'm in my thirties, it's downright embarrassing to admit I used to listen to it as much as I did, exactly the same way I'm embarrassed to admit I liked Milli Vanilli when I was in fifth grade. Alkaline Trio was one of my favorite emo bands, along with the Get-up Kids, Jimmy Eat World and Braid, and “San Francisco” is easily my favorite song of theirs. Some may argue they're more of a pop-punk band and maybe that's accurate, but only an emo song would compare one's plane seat to an electric chair. This is the only song of theirs I've kept and I can't believe I've played this 11 times, especially since my emo phase doesn't coincide with the ipod era. I'm also using this project as an excuse to go through my ipod and remove things I no longer listen to, so I think I'll play this once more before I delete it forever.

And I was drinking you good-byeeeeeeeeee
My heart floats in the bay!
From sour home Chicagoooooooo
I hear it beating far awaaaaaaaaaaay
There's no telling what I'll doooooooooo
If I don't return to you.

Fuck it. I'll keep it.

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