Saturday, January 23, 2010

Alder Ray

I am an absolute sucker for girl group and if I continue with this project and you continue to read, you'll see just how much. One Kiss Can Lead to Another is a box set crammed with 120 tracks of Phil Spector knock-offs, each of which are in my ipod and will be reviewed as their place in the alphabet warrants. Alder Ray's "Cause I Love Him" is far from the best of the lot, but that's only relative to all the great material stuffed in the collection. By itself, it's a perfectly pleasing piece of pop that they just don't make anymore, complete with the do-do-do-dos that always hook me in.

We really don't know who Alder Ray is; that's how deep this collection digs. There's nothing on allmusic or wikipedia about her, google is of little help and lastfm has nothing but an unflattering picture of her. I imagine she was some small-time record label honcho's flavor-of-the-week, forever to remain in obscurity until the ambitious crate-diggers at Rhino Records saved this song and deemed it worthy enough for the box set. And it's certainly worthy; I could listen to this sort of shit all day, and I sometimes do.