Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Al Green

I bought this CD in a thrift store in my neighborhood, purple jewel case spine and all. Mostly I bought it because my collection was lacking Al Green and it was only a couple of bucks but I was thinking of an old girlfriend, if only fleetingly, because we once spent a day walking around Manhattan sharing an apple and when we got to Central Park, she told me of how she bought tickets to see Al Green play in the park for her father as a birthday surprise. She had no idea if her father even liked Al Green but to her, that was part of the fun. She told me how they drank (she had never seen her father drink) and danced (she had never danced with her father) and from the way she talked about it, I knew she would remember it as one of the better days of her life.

Al Green isn't one of my favorite soul singers, but maybe he should be. I've been too busy spending my years listening to Sam, Otis, Marvin, Nina and Solomon whenever the urge to listen to soul struck me, and I still haven't delved into Barry, Isaac, and Curtis yet, either. I'm Still in Love With You is a relatively new addition to my ipod and the songs have only been played 2-4 times. I admit I haven't paid much attention to it but now that I am, this is the track I keep repeating:

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