Sunday, January 24, 2010

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Self-Titled EP

Release Date: July 9, 2001

Stand-out tracks:

Art Star

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, alongside bands like the Strokes, the Walkmen, and Interpol, were leading an important rock'n'roll revival in New York City when their self-titled EP was released in 2001. These artists are heavily influenced by garage rock, new wave and punk rock from the 70's, and in turn they are strongly influential to a majority of the indie rock being produced today. I hadn't been introduced to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs until most others probably were, when "Maps" was released as a single in early 2004. Picking up the self-titled EP a few years later, I heard the blueprint for their first full-length, Fever to Tell, which included that great single that would put them on the map. The EP isn't something I often listen to, but there is one song worth mentioning; "Art Star." If you want to hear the YYYs do their best impersonation of speed metal, with Karen O effortlessly mixing bludgeoning screams and do-do-do-do-dos within a moment's notice of each other, just click below.

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