Friday, March 25, 2011

Time Spent Driving

Yea, um … this is embarrassing. Lyrics like “And if I know one thing / No matter how hard I sing / You just won’t hear me / Because right now you couldn’t be much more near me” or, “If I die tonight / Will your memories of me / Just fade” or, “It’s alright if you got me wrong / There’s no way I’m giving up / Maybe it’s right / Or maybe it’s wrong and you just don’t see it” were passable at twenty years old, but at thirty, they’re just laughable. These days anytime a Time Spent Driving track comes up on shuffle healthy doses of cringes and facepalms ensue. While I’ll always have a soft spot for pop-punk and post-hardcore, I can’t get past how ashamed I feel that I ever connected with Jon Cattivera’s somber lyrics and crooning vocals. If I could sit down and share a beer with myself ten years ago, this is what I'd tell him: “Grow the fuck up, grow a pair, and quit being such a self-loathing douche. Oh, and ask that cool Amira girl out already.” But once the emo enters your heart it can never fully leave you. And so, I will continue to allow “Rain on Sundays” and “Thin Like Paper” the rare shuffle appearance, and continue to allow myself to feel like a sensitive little girl each time one of them plays.

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