Friday, April 1, 2011

Three Mile Pilot - The Inevitable Past is the Future Forgotten

★★★★★ Tracks:
Grey Clouds

I have no idea when or why I downloaded Three Mile Pilot. When I saw it was next in line on my mp3 player I mouthed to myself, “who the hell are they?” My first play through I was immediately reminded of the low-key, indie prog-rock group Pinback. So much so that I was pretty certain I’d find one of its members listed as a collaborator when I wikied them. Sure enough bassist/singer, Zach Smith, and drummer, Tom Zinser, are both members of, as I am now informed they are often referred to, 3MP. What was surprising was to find out 3MP have been recording music for nearly twenty years, and Pinback wasn't Zach Smith's primary group to begin with. The Inevitable Past is the Future Forgotten sounds a lot like Pinback though, with a few more synthy sci-fi tones and a few less progressive influences incorporated in to their music. The album as a whole isn’t compelling enough to come back to often, but I really dig “Grey Clouds,” a mellow jam that brings to mind those awe-inspiring feelings I used to have as a kid from star gazing, and the fantasies of space travel that would always ensue. The album cover suggests I am not alone.

“It’s a far off dream...”

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