Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Best Sogns of 2012: Cloud Nothings - "No Sentiment"

Best Songs of 2012

No Sentiment // Cloud Nothings

Remember when Pitchfork used to shit on emo? I was really surprised by their take on Attack on Memory after years of reading reviews like that one. But music is cyclical and rock is back. Regardless of where indie publications used to lean on emo and post-hardcore influenced music, they're right about this one, Cloud Nothings have created a killer record. I waffle (mmm, waffles) between "No Sentiment" and "No Future/No Past" as my favorite track but in the end I lean towards the former. That obnoxiously loud and distorted one note picked and bent ever so slightly before bursting into chaotic tremolo, the rhythm power chords, the crashing symbols, the nasally, off-key Cobain inspired vocals; what's not to love here? 


Tell me this song doesn’t rock hard, I dare you to.

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