Monday, December 17, 2012

Best Songs of 2012: The Evens - "Wanted Criminals"

Best Songs of 2012

Wanted Criminals // The Evens

Fugazi has been on hiatus for nearly a decade but that hasn't stopped Ian MacKaye from working on other projects. The Evens, a duo consisting of Ian and his partner Amy Farina in a set up nearly identical to the White Stripes, have been recording since even before Fugazi's hiatus, but The Odds is their best collection of songs yet. "Wanted Criminals" is the highlight, a song fueled by MacKaye's signature left-leaning lyricism and a Fugazi-esque culminating breakdown. The Odds might never make us forget how amazing this was, but as MacKaye eclipses age 50 he's proven he and Amy Farina can still innovate the post-punk circuit. 

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